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Coming Occupation of America_Chuck-JOHNEL:

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4 Responses to “Coming Occupation of America_Chuck-JOHNEL:”

  1. This is an amazing confirmation! I myself have seen the same in a vision by Our Lord in 2011.

    I have written a special report on the Chinese now controlling our key Mexican ports.
    The invasion is already underway.


    Alexander Backman

  2. btruth says:

    Interesting testimony. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the current “authority” is satanic. So giving unto Caesar’s does not apply anymore to our end times. I would never fight for a luciferian government/war machine of satan. I will be where ever God wants me, doing what ever He has called me to do. Continuing to live with NO FEAR, other than FEAR OF THE LORD. In this battle NO FLESH WOULD BE SPARED, unless Jesus shortens the time. This is because the luciferian’s in power, have the ultimate trump card, MIND WEATHER & MATTER CONTROL! The Lord Jesus Christ is awesome & mightier than anything in our reality, praise His name for ever & ever, Come quickly Jesus, Amen!!!

  3. Alex says:

    So Nikos, did Chuck ask you to post this stuff, or did you decide to do it on your own? Either way, I like it.

    • Nikos says:

      I was moved by the need to share. The Holy Spirit prompting to share The Staff and The Sword Ministry and ask people to review the news letters’ and see God’s warning to his people. I did this in all hopes that people will join the Net of Prayer or at least know the times they live in so that they cry out to Jesus in their prayers for answers and understanding. I built this site to take to the Ministries that we all listen to on the Christian Radio Stations asking them to bring this information to their congregations. I’m just trying to discern what needs to be shared from God’s Watchmen that will give His People an awareness of these days so that they participate and prepare the bide for Jesus Christ Return.

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