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Friday, October 15, 2010, 8:59:22 AM

Dear Brethren, I Beseech Thee; I hearken unto You for a Truth. I come to Reconcile and to make known a mystery that We may All act on one Accord in Jesus Name Pray Thee by Jesus Christ.

Why are the Lords ways still a mystery to the Sons of God? If any whom should know My Ways, would it not be The Saints, would it not be His Prophets, Apostles, Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists? Has the Wineskin dried up? Has the Order of Gods Ways changed? Has Edification of the Church been set aside until the Return of the Lord?

If not; why is it such then that the church is losing its light and that the Shepherd hides his flock from the Truth? Why is it not the ways of Old still the way of the Church? Is it not The Lord by His Holy Spirit that directs and Guides the Way to Truth? Is it not evident that the Lord loves those whom are His and that The Father Has Raised His Prophets as a Warning! His Apostles are still showing signs as is His Preachers, Teachers and Evangelists.

Many have FALLEN from the TRUTH and now teach the lie. Are we willing my Brethren to fall into the pit and to remain in our ways once shown the light? Are we willing my Brethren that we may keep what is to come, a secret from our followers (brethren) ones who have been given us for Guidance and Truth?

Is it not the Father Whom Sees ALL, who uses whom He chooses to edify and multiply the Kingdom of Heaven? It is not a mystery to you, how to test the Spirits to figure whom is whom and of whom brought you the truth Through the Light? May we take a burden upon ourselves, May we hold back the Holy Spirit for Others that they not know the time and prepare accordingly to thy Fathers Will?

Is it not the Promise of the Lords to Tread on serpents and resist the wiles of the enemy of souls? Why is it then that my People do not prepare for the Judgment? Whom would know Judgment from Wrath be it I not The Father if I the Great did not use the ways of old to warn the Church?

Whom is the church if all have fallen away, is it not a mystery in those whom have kept my Word and have kept My Ways. Am I Jesus Christ not the one who has chosen a remnant for My Pleasure? Is not my Pleasure that is the Way of the Lord? Is it not The Fathers Will to Judge this Great Country, for has it not fallen?

I have sent a Great Message through My Prophets of whom I chose that those, those whom are mine are Edified by Truth! Is it your ways that are better than the Lords Ways? Is it not a mystery that this nation will Fall! Is it not a mystery that the enemies of our soul’s petition through the law for fulfillment of prophecy?

Will my church remain ignorant to my ways for Pride or Revenue when I AM the One who provides the resources for the preparation of The Bride. Why would I promise purification of the Bride Groom without the fire? How may I refine without the Refiners Fire? Why does my church NOT prepare for tribulation when I have shown the mystery and have not Forsaken those whom are mine?

I have not broken a covenant and reserve the Great Tribulation for the Israel of old. Is it not a time to prepare to Endure until I come for thee? My people wholly die for lack of knowledge! Is it not so? Have I not sent my Prophets? Have I not given you a Sign? Has not the pastors prepared the church?

Why has one not called on me for the Truth, for the time to prepare? Are All deserving a rapture? IS IT NOT PREMATURE TO THINK THAT ALL ARE CLEAN WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE? How can I bring the Nations to wroth without you?

To say there is no place in Revelations for this nation, is it not accurate to Judge these that have fallen away that I may bring them back, is it not My Way, is it not MY Love that not one shall parish, that all may be saved in Jesus Christ? Why then would I not judge those whom I Love?

I have sent a warning that those whom will have an ear prepare their Hearts so as to not fall away so one may know Me like one knows breathe.

I bring in a new age one prophesied through the eternities. Has not America brought on her own judgment? Have I not given ample time, given adequate warning?

Then why is it a mystery why you see not her in prophecy? Whoa I say but she is in Prophecy. She will be the beginning of the End! I say why it is a mystery that she will fall away and make way for the tribulation of old, The Great Tribulation!

Do those that are Mine not see the difference in My Word? Why does my church teach impiety, do you have the right? Are all like fine Jewels? Are ALL deserving of such outcome?

Some teach I have no Prophets of New, and then I must have none of my own at all. Have my ways changed? Am I now a mystery unto you? Then I must have no teachers that teach my word! Were then do YOU fall if that is true?

I do not work confusion, America has its choice. Do I Coddle My Church, then why do my people coddle each other. Is it not my Fathers way that I the Alpha and Omega, that I bring these that are mine through Great times of Trouble and Despair? How am I to show the world that I AM if not through my people.

Once again, is the ways of old not the ways of new? Have I changed? No, I say you have changed.

Warn my people and be of one Accordance those who teach of the wineskin preach not a lie. Many shall perish, but of who’s head will it lie upon. It is Your choice!

Prepare my people, test the Spirits, fast and focus on Me for I will not leave you astray, you are Mine and Mine I will Keep and not Forsake!

How then shall not many perish if my warnings no one hears? How then shall not many perish if my warnings no one heeds?

Have you not been given much? Have you not been given many to teach? Have you not been my Friend?

Teach the Truth for I bring not confusion. Prepare my Church, for My Father comes to Prepare The Bride!

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