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Disclaimer and Statements

Disclaimers and Statements


My name is Donald Beal; I Author the content of this website out of The Love afforded to me by Jesus Himself; out of our Love for my fellow man and my fellow Brothers In Christ Jesus. I author this site of the opinion that you will have a Revelation as I have, to the truth revealed to me by petition… Truth is of your own opinion as many think in today’s world, but “Absolute” Truth leaves no opinion… I wish to share with you some of what is happening in this world and our Beloved Nation and share in detail the relationship of Jesus Christ to His Disciples, for it is very important to me to share this and to You to be aware of such information.  It is my sincere hope that you will See The Light.

I have prepared this site to endorse The Staff and The Sword Ministry. It is of my opinion the need to share this resource with our family of believers. I have been a member of The Net of Prayer since the year 2000. I have no personal involvement with the Ministry; other than being an active member by prayer and supplication. All my revelation has came from the material I have been presented; same as presented on this site, and by communion of its validity through Jesus Christ. I wish to represent this blessed Ministry and all other blessed Ministry on this site accurately. I wish it to be known that my opinion or endorsement of another Ministry within this website might not necessarily reflect The Staff and The Sword Ministry’s or members opinion.

It is the center of my focus to make known The Purpose of The Staff and The Sword Ministry and its relationship to the church and share the teachings of Jesus Christ and why these people formed this Ministry by Commission of our Lord and Savior. Why this Ministry is chosen as a remnant to stand in the Gap for this Nation and why it is so important we are aware of the events developing and what outcome we could have if we were to All Join in Prayer Together under The Net Of Prayer.

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It is my opinion that edification comes through the Holy Spirit and that presentment of The Truth is first needed for this to happen. I also Have the opinion that one must know his enemy as presented by his Savoir through the Word of God and by Revelation of the Saints, those who humble themselves before Almighty God and quite their spirit to the voice of The Sheppard.  If it is Scriptural it will be of the Spirit of God for Edification.

I have also chosen views and articles by other Ministry’s on this site for further edification. All sites sponsored by are for the edification of the Saints and should be taken in council before the Throne Of Almighty God by His Holy Spirit Through His Son Jesus Christ.

This site will endorse those of whom sacrifice their life to bring the knowledge of the Truth as directed by the Power and The Glory of Jesus Christ.

I feel obligated to make aware the information I present on this website. This site is dedicated to Many Christian leaders that are dedicated to bringing us the Truth. This site is particularly dedicated to The Staff and The Sword Ministry, of whom I believe and by JESUS own WORDS have been personally Commissioned to Stand in the Gap for this Nation. It is my goal to bring the most accurate information of a prophetic nature available to your attention. The Ministries chosen on this site are not directly affiliated with myself or each other. Many of the Ministries I may reflect from time to time may be Ministries I endorse or that I follow or I may even be a member of.  My opinion as the author of this site does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Ministries represented here on this website. Nor does the opinion of one ministry to another ministry as represented on this site necessarily reflect each others thoughts or opinions in a whole.

Example of Affiliation to this website

The Staff And The Sword Ministry is represented here on this site: As to who they are is fully expressed by there own site and expressed by their own words, Jesus Word and within there articles represented on this site and theirs “about us”. Any representation of this ministry or other ministry on this site by Me the Author is not necessarily endorsed by the Ministry’s represented here.

“The opinions expressed in this website; separate from the material presented are those of the author and do not reflect in any way the collaborations of which he is a member.”

All text, photographs, videos and any other media presentation provided on the Net Of Prayer website is provided for information purposes only.

The Net Of Prayer takes no responsibility for the content of external websites. The existence of a link to an external website, or a link to the Net Of Prayer’s website from an external website, does not imply that the Net Of Prayer endorses the activities or views of that organization.

About information on this site

Although the author has made every reasonable effort to obtain factual accuracy for information provided herein, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or content errors. The author presents information which most accurately describes the views of the Ministries represented.

Affiliation of any organization with the Net Of Prayer is not implied. Any links provided on this website are expressly for the use of those who visit here and do not constitute agreement or endorsement of any views or opinions expressed by this site or any other site linked from or to the Net Of Prayer.

Statement on Trademarks

All trademarks, names and logos used in this Web site are the property of their respective owners. The use of any trademark is not intended to indicate any endorsement by the trademark owner of Net Of Prayer, or vice-versa.

The Net Of Prayer Forum on Religion and Public Life provides links from this site to the Websites of other organizations for informational purposes (edification) only. The links do not imply an endorsement by the Forum of these other organizations or the content of their Web sites. The Forum also posts material prepared by other organizations and individuals not employed by the Forum for informational purposes (edification) . This does not mean or endorse that the opinion of one Ministry is the opinion of another Ministry.

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