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Is the next prophetic event the rapture of the church?


Throughout my study of Gods Remnant I have seen that we as his creation have been warned to look for future events like the invasion of America by our enemies. Also, I have learned that we; the church have allowed the invasion by our enemy from within, and therefore we have funded by our own labor, our own demise and the genocide of Christian’s worldwide. That little tax issue and accountability! We have funded many of the enemy’s operations against us and the innocent. Owe!

How many have pondered maybe Gods got a bigger work for His Church?  Maybe the invasion, led full fledged with demonic intentions by some of the greatest nations on earth have a people for Christ within them.  Ever considered God will use us for his pleasure to extract from this invasion of our country our brothers and sisters before the great attack  against Israel.  Remember If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.….

How many have pondered that it is our choice, as the most blessed people of the most blessed nation how we bring in these last days? We chose our fight! Or do we wait on a rapture and be caught blind possibly? Rather be Hot or Cold than sitting on the fence! The exodus for the American people has already been prayed in-in the Spirit. Did you know that? The Green pastures have already been sanctioned by Jesus Christ where the locations are. Did you know that? The Major Safe areas have already been defined where Father God said he will gather many alive there in Jesus Name! Did you know that? Have you considered in the battle against Israel in the last 3 1/2 years where the globalist are/or stand?  Who’s to say most are not destroyed and exposed and taken down for their treason against man before God!  By whom one would say? I say by His Remnant, God’s Remnant! Legally speaking there is still a small window.

Below on the home page you will see the Creation of The Staff and Sword Ministry.  You will see the reason for the Net of Prayer and why God chose to (anoint) Mr. Youngbrandt and a small majority to stand in the Gap for this Nation.

Below you will see other warnings in the same nature from other Brethren in Christ.

Below you will see current prayer operations to secure BETHEL and to destroy the influx of demonic attacks against the people of this nation. These Prayer Operations I place as a witness to the calling of the ministry.  But this is also an example of what I ask you and your congregations to join in prayer for. This is for a cover and a revival.

Below you can recall the newsletters and Manifesting Christ articles for edification by The Staff and The Sword.  I give you a look at the Ministry to be able to spend time with them, so you can look into the Character of the Man and those God placed with him as support.  Test the Spirits to see if Gods hand is involved with this ministry, this is the point. You have to understand the seriousness of these warnings. Pray and Fast to be fare to yourself though!! You should also consider the resistance of your enemy and why they fear you acknowledging the truth of the situation we are in.

Then ( if in disagreement) I ask you to study in the scripture when God did not attempt to warn his people before a judgement? I then ask you to find in the scripture how God go’s about it if not by Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, signs or wonders.  Even with my understanding I see many that argue against God’s vessels but they admit that God’s ways never change! I ponder! How they could say what they do about the warnings and the messengers and truly believe that statement.

Because of the importance of this subject and what I ask I thought an explanation was in order for you to understand this website better. This site is created to bring awareness to the American People especially those in Christ of events that could overtake America.  I believe prayer can still stop much. It is also an invitation to those who do not know Jesus Christ to see a different perspective in His personality by way of His Warnings to America and to get a glimpse into how he works through His Ministry’s, an attempt to save many in America from these events.  It is a reflection of God’s Warning to America and his church, for Jesus Himself say’s Judgment is at the door.

This site is also created for an opportunity for you to look into the prayer campaigns’ and some of the other related material from The Staff and The Sword Ministry to get an insight into The Lord God, Father God and Jesus’s Love for His people.  Why and How He warns his people shows His Great Love. In short Jesus reveals to His Prophets or those whom He chooses; the enemy’s movements and plans against His People (you/us) and directs by decree and anointing the solution, be it by prayer and fasting and Spiritual Warfare and or some other physical act against our enemy. This site is to share a ministry created to stand in the Gap in prayer for you; your family and our nation giving us more time from destruction of our enemy (Lucifer) and Father God’s Judgment against those whom have desecrated his Holy Son.

I believe the time we should ALL seek, is to acknowledge Father God’s ways to allow us to join the battle and keep the spirit of Antichrist out of our Land therefore saving more to the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

We have a severe problem here in this world and especially in America.  We have a globalist conspiracy against America as the last refuge of truth and freedom. They have to bring down our way of life and constitutional values to take our Nation. A takeover they started from within. They are using many ploys against us.  We are expecting a dollar crash making the way for the new world order and civil unrest.  They are trying to get us to start an internal revolution by intentional acts against the people (false flag events), if they cannot then they are bringing in the problem to deal with by the plane full.  To continue we have a narcissist President and every 4 out of 5 are establishment people running for President/Office. I say we discern and chose one we all stand behind, we only have two non-establishment candidates.  That’s my opinion though.  Also, we are also allowing another Jacques Cousteau like mentality, to make the machines to count the votes for us for the next and most important election in our time.

It’s time we must look for the wolves in sheep’s clothing and boycott them why the rest hold them accountiable!  There not just some religious leaders per se either!  Jesus was asked who’s his man in this election.  His response was “Ben Carson”. Make’s a lot of since to me to choose him. I don’t hear much if anything about Carson. “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.” Hmmmm.

I hear smack on the so called other constitutional candidate’s though. My question is why do we hold on to any politician and praise them like their god.  You people have any idea what tax moneys buy! They should have killed the establishment a long time ago if they were the constitutionalism public employee.

Then on top of all this we have an Antichrist spirit risen here in America.  Lead from the white house down. We have a church that has fallen away from the basic Biblical Teaching and edification of The Word of God. In short we have a global conspiracy to destroy us; an ancient enemy from the beginning of time with his demon hoard’s desperate to destroy God’s people. Then we have his human counter parts that are trying to suck all the resources and energy from you so you have no future of your own free will.  The church is asleep and the average person feels powerless (?) Then on top of all that we have the globalist weather control program poisoning of our minds, water and food supplies. Then we endure false flag events funding the way to a nuclear word war. Included in that is the earth is moaning and groaning and ready to rock and roll creating some of the most historical storms and devastation the world has ever seen. To make it all better we have space objects making close orbits to our planet. Some (Tiny Star) and another we have been praying about we hope will pass and not cause the significant damaged as Jesus revealed it can. Planet X-Nibiru seems as real as it gets from my studies! We are fast approaching the days of Noah and the wrath of Father God. On top of all that most are not even aware why the flood happened, but we are approaching the days of chimera, hybrids, transhumanism and fallen angels morphing into all sorts of demonic entities to play out the last day events . These are the alien’s folks.

So on this site you are going to see what others (God’s Watchmen) have been shown. These are people who have dedicated the vast majority of their adult life to Prayer and Fasting and a relationship with Jesus Christ. “Be ye Judged on your own accords!”

You will find newsletters of The Staff and Sword Ministry, so you can read into what Jesus is revealing to His Church and you will actually read firsthand accounts of Spiritual Battles. I also present other Men of God and Ministries God has raised up to expose our governments’ abuse against us. Bringing all those willing to an awareness of what is dimensional, going on bringing us back to the days of Noah.

You will find I have petitioned my church. The Ministries of KSPO, CSN International and to come together as one yoke and bring their congregations into a situational awareness (spiritual and physical) of all that is revealed for them.

Most important: Because this is our Blessed Hope, an answer, our petition before God Almighty- Blessed controller of everything!

Most important: This site is to introduce You, His Church to The Net of Prayer (N.O.P.) and ask that you will join in the Daily Prayer Sheet for a cover and to destroy our enemies while growing closer to God and our situation.  I ask you Join in the prayer campaigns’ and Spiritual Battles. I ask that we all accept the truth! It is so hard to stomach it all. There’s so much deception, and the real reality is very overpowering. This I know personally. All this can make you feel bi polar it seems, or is it just that darn old Global Warming. Owe,

In Conclusion: This site is to share the ministries that Jesus has commissioned to prepare the bride for the second coming of Jesus Christ by, putting off the old man and putting on the spirit of incorruptibility preparing us for the coming storm.



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