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Why do I pray under the Net of Prayer; I was asked? Then I had to ask this of myself? What prompted this question was a dear friend of mine asking me the question, why do I need to pray under the N.O.P. vs. just praying as I always do? Afterwards, I had to perceive what my goal was by praying in the first place. Then consider how this reflected my part as being a Christian praying vs. my reflection of being a Christian as a member of The Net of Prayer.

First, I want to say, many are praying by the blood of Jesus Christ and are led in many ways and directions by the Holy Spirit. I am not brandishing any other ministry or individuals’ effort in prayer, by no means am I here to separate the body of Christ. I do hope (praying always) you will read through to the end of this letter followed by the relationship report and reflect on what has been said for the decision I am asking of you to make, the decision to join us in prayer. I believe without a doubt the validity to all of what I am trying to convey to you with this website in and through The Staff and The Sword issues, current and past. I know there is an urgency and a need to bring this message to my fellow brothers in Christ.

My friend asked me these questions because I was prompting him to join the Net of Prayer and pray the prayer sheets with us. By this involvement alone one is usually aware of the updates and information found in the current newsletters. This goes hand in hand with the prayers. We, as a member (voluntary), have insight to many facts that are presented while growing closer to JESUS, and Gods will in our lives. On the other hand, I have a yearning to bring the church to the truth and believe that having an awareness of ALL that is going on, if possible, is to the best interest of those in Christ. I am led to call the church to the awareness of events and JESUS WORD as seen through the Staff and The Sword Ministry. So I will try to explain my thoughts to this question presented to me. It really is a good question. It is probably going to be, for the most part, a question asked by all in one extent or another of anyone who views this web site.

So if I had to sum it up, I would say I had a desire to know the Lord already within my heart, and I had a lot of junk to get out of my heart. I found this was hard to do on my own with no direction or method per se. Praying with the N.O.P. has brought me to an understanding of being a part of a distinct work of the Lord, an action in the spirit. I realized this more by seeing a purpose to my prayers other than asking. I instinctively became more conscious of my purpose to His will. I also began to recognize my desire to get closer to the Lord, with a deeper awareness, and become His; a person that remains with the Lord in eternity not just stands before His presence for a time.

I believe our prayers are different as a Christian when we are familiar with the circumstances of this world. Familiar (aware) in context here means truth, aware of those that are against us, our way of life and being conscious of God’s movement through His church, familiar with those who are holding the line for His body in Christ. What we pray for is what our burden is, as laid on our heart. If we have buried the truth from fear or lack of knowledge, then we cannot pray continuously as affectively for our keeping, our best interest, including the interest of those around us. Knowing of the truth, the reality of the situation, allows The Holy Spirit to make intercession for us, crying out to God on our behalf. Romans 8:26, 27. For example, here is a word search showing how the Holy Spirit intercedes for a heart, even with buried truths. Mourn, Groan, Cryand so forth.

Praying with the N.O.P. includes the newsletters (Issues) and information for growing in the Lords instruction with this ministry. There is truly no way to explain the benefits of receiving direct intervention by the Lord. Praying on my own I really would wander in my thoughts. Praying was real before, but it is more meaningful now. Some people are seasoned intercessors, Glory to the Lord and others when they pray can liken it to cutting teeth. Many I believe when they begin a prayer life will find that they will wander as I have mentioned with no clear focus other than asking for things. Fortunately, we all need leading and nurturing by the Lord. I believe praying with and in submission to JESUS with Chuck-JOHNEL, and the N.O.P. has given me focus and purpose I can see. I see results from the campaigns, but I also have better direction to pray for personal needs for others or thoughts on my own. I know at a point in time, with our surrender, that the Holy Spirit guides our prayers “for thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Why I Pray now: I pray now for a cover, so I can give a cover to others. I pray to intercede for the body, to become a warrior to defeat demons and principalities, to protect the innocent and get a veil to cover our works against the enemy. I pray to grow closer to God through our Lord JESUS. I pray to memorize the basics in the prayer sheets, encase of separation!

I was asked this question, and I have no expert opinion. What I have given as an opinion is only my reflection I have obtained by praying with the N.O.P… I know of scripture that is given within the bible, which is instruction to help us become like Christ through prayer and fasting. I do have this as a tool along with my experience, so this I offer, my inspiration and understanding to my dear friend, why one would pray with the N.O.P…

Praying with the N.O.P., is something I can only sum up as a desire given us for the heart of God, and it is a blessing to the administrator and also to those as a cover, to become one branch that bringeth about the body of Christ.

I came forward to write this with little or no research. I hope this will help others to see a difference of what praying with the N.O.P. can do to help. I know at first and throughout our life as a Christian, we all struggle to pray. I know we have a real adversary who is powerful without Christ within us. Praying with the N.O.P. helps one to focus and effectively grow closer to Christ.

I wanted to write this from my heart. I have read before on the subject of prayer but not extensively. I know many will not pray or be a part of the N.O.P., simply because they would be acknowledging the message and warning found in the Staff and Sword newsletters. To me, JESUS WORD is the most precious gift to this world. My growth is in the direct revelations from the Lord with the N.O.P.!

Now to explain my interpretation and influence by the Holy Spirit of why we should all come under The Net of Prayer: The Staff and The Sword Ministry and the Creation of the N.O.P. commissioned by JESUS. Why we should be part of this ministry as its volunteers, is so we can intercede for the church, the church that refuses to intercede for itself when warnings of Judgment are presented by His Messengers.

First and foremost, Joining the Net of Prayer is not to take place of intercession that one conducts in their relationship to Jesus Christ, just as joining the N.O.P. is not to change any Holy Spirit guidance of any ministry or individual in that fact. Becoming a N.O.P. warrior is in addition to what you already have in Christ by and through the Holy Spirit. I firmly believe for those whom struggle with a relationship with Christ Jesus, praying with the N.O.P. will focus you and help yield you to Jesus’ will in your life.

When we join the N.O.P., and we are in focus through the direct relationship of JESUS to the N.O.P. our heart will be aware of the insight and clear intervention of Jesus. This awareness comes through discernment of newsletters and therefore, our own revelations of events, current and past. We can subsequently see in the prayers, JESUS’ understanding to pray for events known, not known of, or even, unseen. We are then praying as one body for events to be diminished or notwithstanding have events delivered from us. I see and this should be apparent to you, is Jesus’ mercy to gain more time for repentance and preparations for others. This is our opportunity to gain time for His people and those that reject these types of revelations.

Praying as the N.O.P.: We pray to be in unity and in agreement with and in submission to JESUS CHRIST in Richard-DANIEL, Nancy-TONI, Lyn-ELIZEBETH, Cathy-MARTHA and Chuck-JOHNEL, the apostle, prophets, and intercessors, assigned for the work of this undertaking.

These assignments are explained in the Introduction to The Net of Prayer and throughout the Staff and Sword Literature. There are over a hundred pages explaining JESUS commission and organization under the leadership, ranking and branches of the N.O.P., available upon request from the Staff and the Sword Ministry.

Know, to the Mighty Men of Valor, of whom I also address here. This is my Warning (exposing a trick); Please do not feel repressed by the above fact, for this is Gods will not thine. Do not reject or cut off this portion from the body by jealousy or disbelief or feel dishonored for all Your Hard Works! There is no Honor Lost; we are in submission to CHRIST and Him Alone. Those mentioned above have fifteen to twenty years of intercessory warfare prayer behind their belts. Many whom I hope to reach with this message also have this experience of intercession and my hope; it is that you will cleave to The Net of Prayer. I wish to share a joy in the Lord by showing this mystery. I pray you can see as I can, the greatness of us All coming together for this last day.

Many might think this is to tailor their prayers to the N.O.P., but in reality, I believe they’re not. In my opinion, they are preparation to yield us under the N.O.P. through JESUS LOVE and put us under one Branch, One Arm of the Lord. Bringing the body to an understanding of Jesus’s warnings and will. Just as JUSUS said in His own words, “to prepare His church for the return of CHRIST”.


I will now give my “understanding” and the minimum to be aware of when praying under the Net of Prayer. Below is a view to a set of commonly administered prayers to our Father who is in Heaven.

PREFACE PRAYER: Oh heavenly father GOD in whom I rejoice and delight, we come before your throne of majesty, might and glory, of holiness, goodness, righteousness and mercy, of joy and gladness, of provision, beauty and grace, and of all kindness, in JESUS’ NAME and under the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

“This prayer opens the door and brings us before the throne seat of God as we humble ourselves before Him and praise JESUS NAME giving the Glory before the hosts of Heaven.”


CHRIST LIGHT PRAYER: Oh heavenly father GOD, I ask in JESUS‘ Name and under the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to receive JESUS‘ light and agape love, to be filled with his presence and to be wholly yielded to his will, JESUS CHRIST.

“This prayer allows Christ in our heart to change us to His likeness and His will for our lives. It also adds JESUS will into the prayers, adding his Will that changes events.”


OPENING UNITY PRAYER: Dear, heavenly father and my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, I come to you with all of my sin under the BLOOD OF JESUS, praying to be led by your HOLY SPIRIT and to be in unity and agreement with the intercessors of the Net of Prayer, and those joined with us by the SPIRIT of GOD. Bless me with a humble spirit; quieting myself before You, yielding myself wholly to your will and paying full attention to You. Lead me by your HOLY SPIRIT that I be found in accordance with your perfect will. I pray, my sweet and loving Lord JESUS and precious heavenly father GOD, that your will be done on earth and in me as it is done in heaven, in Jesus‘ Name.

“This prayer has now bound all the N.O.P. In agreement and has added those that are of Gods Children by the HOLY SPIRIT. These are people like you, and is you, for you are a Son/Daughter of the Most High God whom was previously praying, and seeking His face, not fornicating the Word of The Lord.” So see you were already praying with The Net of Prayer, possibly part of the campaign. Now you will have more direct revelation to your actions by understanding yet another aspect of your prayers.


ANGELIC PROTECTION AND ARMOR: I pray, in the name of JESUS, that God’s holy warring angels be set all around myself, and all of God’s people joined with me in prayer this day. I pray this day and everyday to gird my loins with the buckler of truth, to take on the breastplate of righteousness and to shod, my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, I pray to take up the shield of faith, to put on the helmet of salvation and to take up the sword of the spirit, which is the word of god, as well as the lance of prayer and supplication. Heavenly father, clothe and fill me now with your light, agape love and Jesus’ humility and lead me under the banners of your holiness and righteousness through JESUS CHRIST in all ways according to your perfect will by your holy spirit. Amen. (Ephesians 6:13-18)

“Now we put on the Whole Armour of God as one unit, one command, one body, and we place Gods Holy Warring Angels around us, and all those added unto us by The SPIRIT OF GOD and even those that intercede unknowingly with the N.O.P..” How powerful is that?


SPECIAL COVERING PRAYER: In JESUS’ name and under his shed blood, we pray to cover our ministry Apostles, Prophets, our Lord’s Generals, Colonels, Majors, Captains and every Net of Prayer Intercessor and those added to us by your Holy Spirit that they be surrounded by your Holy Angels and be kept safe from any attack of the enemy. Undergird and strengthen us all by the Spirit of God in our prayers and in our walk in Christ.

“This prayer is acknowledgment, a covering for our head, our leadership that is the formation of the N.O.P. and ALL Intercessors in CHRIST’S Name. These that our His the ones He will build up, hold up and draw close to His BOSOM.” Hallelujah! Amen!

I pray; I was given the words that will release the light of what it is I am trying to say to you. I address many men and women with my words; some addressed are such as, I, those who are barely weaned from the milk or even some that have just started to feed from the book of life, and many I address are of the meat, of The Word of God; and have been given much and shown much. These are Mighty Men of God, of Valor of whom I now seek to give instruction to. Wherefore I am not worthy; I am not! I am honored, but it is by necessity that I ask of thee. I praise not man, but I admire those whom God has Chosen. I ask you to seek JESUS on your face with this information. I humbly thank You. Your Brother in Christ.


I will now include the relationship report I recently discovered on The Staff and The Sword website. I believe Chuck-JOHNEL has the maturity and time in Christ that far exceeds mine to share what this is all about. I have yet to read fully, this report.

I briefed the first few pages but did not want to influence my own words sharing my experience about the Net of Prayer. I believe many who pray daily will not understand why I ask we pray under the Net of Prayer and to those who are starting to pray I want to show why it is a great tool (Blessing) to have the N.O.P. to pray with. I live by faith in hope; I pray, I can put relevance on the power to defeat the enemy if we all come under JESUS with The Net of Prayer!

The Staff and The Sword Ministry

Relationship Reports


Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt

When you join the Net of Prayer, you become yoked in Love for others under Jesus’ direction in your prayers, concerns, fasting, and intercessions-essentially you come under Jesus IN ALL THINGS!!!

Make no mistake: it is not me, Chuck-JOHNEL that you are yoked to, it is Jesus. I only deliver His Word.


Let’s be plain here. It is a burden to pray, but it is also a joy. Thus, prayer is called a labor of love. Next, it takes a discipline of daily prayer to rightly pray at all and lastly each of us must be yielded to pray the way the Holy Spirit shows us to pray. It is not uncommon for me to wonder at times why we pray in certain ways, and if the choice were mine, I would pray about things other than the Lord shows me/us to pray about.

Thus we learn, exercise, practice “Obedience, Discipline, Yieldedness” to the Spirit of God in the Net of Prayer.

All this is a Holy Spirit preparation for something much greater; for while we pray on concerns that Jesus has, thus laboring in Love of Jesus, it also serves another Holy Spirit purpose. Through Obedience, Discipline, and Yieldedness we gain the opportunity to enter into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Himself.


I did years ago. But, Jesus showed me to speak plainly by His Spirit in everyday terms and to share the Scriptural basis later. Why?

Long ago, when I shared Scriptures, I saw men had a literal blindness to the most obvious meaning where man’s doctrines prevailed in their minds. They would see the meaning of any given Scripture through man’s view of it and be unable to see the deeper real meaning of it. So Jesus showed me to use everyday language to convey the message and then would later provide the Scriptures to back it up.

When I had deep insights into “IN THE SPIRIT” back in 1981, included these insights in newsletters and reports at that time. However, it would not be until late 1982 that Jesus would show me Ezekiel 8:3 (one of a number of Scriptures that literally describes what He had given me and others to see), Even then, others could not accept it, even when the Bible clearly said the same as we had experienced. Again, it was man’s doctrinal views that held God’s children captive, even bound.

Over and over, I asked myself Why?

Jesus made it clear, these did NOT know Him. Instead, they only knew of Him through men. Sadly, it was men they knew, not Jesus. Jesus’ desire was that they should all come to know Him personally.


But, this is only an introduction. I will be writing a series of reports on this subject from what I have personally experienced and from what the Lord leads me to write. I write these reports so that each of you may, in turn, gain from what I have learned as Jesus taught me.
In the next report I will discuss HOW TO KNOW JESUS. Here’s a hint: “THE YOKE IS EASY!”

God Bless,Chuck-JOHNEL


Full Report: please download and save As, for faster viewing

Part1_____Part 2_____Part 3_____Part 4_____Part 5_____Part 6,

For a smaller file size, 15 in total, read or download from HERE

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