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Rumors of War

IRAN and NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Twenty-THREE years ago (1983) JESUS shewed me a vision of the U.S. sending troops into the Persian Gulf Region when Iran fired a long range missile from its territory at our gathering army – I saw a nuclear explosion as our army was consumed in one blow. Today, the news headlines are filled with reports of Iran building nuclear weapons and of possible actions against Iran, including war.

Iran and Nuclear Weapons: by Chuck-JOHNEL


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War News Update around the World Always Current 2013

Iran Nuclear Coverage Echoes Iraq War Media Frenzy o4/10/2012

Iran vows to stick to nuclear ‘path’ 04/04/2012

Russian warships launch drill from Tartus versus US-Israeli-Greek naval exercise 04/03/2012

Russia, Iran set to counter US/Israeli strike against Iran. US-led naval drill   04/02/2012

U.S. State Dept Wont Recognize Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel 04/28/2012

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Iran’s Nuclear Attack Plan 03/19/2012

Iran ‘trying to remove evidence that it tested detonators for nuclear weapons’ 03/07/2012

Tehran’s Last Chance;Israel, Iran and the Battle for the Bomb 03/05/2012,1518,819312,00.html

US planning to boost sea and land defenses in Gulf as Iran war fears grow 02/25/2012

Articles Borrowed from

Thousands of US soldiers to be deployed to Israel. 02/20/2011

20,000 Marines & Seven Nations are practicing for the Invasion of Iran! 02/ 08/ 2012

Correction – Eleven Nations Involved in WW3 Invasion Exercise! 02/ 08/ 2012

Pentagon to Lift Restrictions for Women in Combat 02/ 08/2012

Foreign Press Rents Tel Aviv Rooftops To Cover Coming Iran War 02/07/2012

Pentagon Now Working on Mightier Bomb for Iran 01/28/2012

15,000 US Soldiers in Kuwait – Ready for Iran 01/14/12

NWO – Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Journal Says “It is Time to Attack Iran!” 01/01/2012

Iran Ups the Ante with Nuclear Enrichment Breakthrough 04/12/2006




March 7th, 2012

March 8th, 2012








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