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New update from The Staff and The Sword:

Howdy! Greetings in JESUS’ Name!

By this time you have received the Newsletter and the detailed report on actions
‘In The Spirit’.

We were doing well in holding the enemy in Zone #844 when JESUS by His Archangel (Gabriel) had pull out and form a new line of resistance in Zone #360. The HOLY SPIRIT Insight was that Lucifer had plans to strike at our exposed rear areas, cut us off and flood into Zone #360 and then into Zone #100.

Zone #360 had been reinforced with 50,000 Intercessors, so the Battle Units pulling back with us made a formidable defensive force.

Its been quiet mostly from Lucifer’s side, we are being steadily forced back by constant pressure for the main demonic force; but they are gaining inches not yards or  miles. It is a slow process and we are taking a steady toll of demons Nonetheless, the demon army is so massive we are hardly putting a dent in it.

As of today we are near to being forced into Zone #100, one of their primary objectives. From there (Zone #100) they can begin to spill into this world. I figure it would take 25 days or so from the time they reach Zone#100 to begin to have any effect ‘In This World.’

Good News!  I have seen the Bethel defenses
, JESUS Angels have been building a wall all around it, the Wall is at least 14 foot high,it is very hard material, almost like steel – the prayers of the faithful-obedient, the Elect and others have led to this being constructed. This represents the heart of the “Green Pastures” or places of refuge.

That is it. God bless.  Chuck-JOHNEL.

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