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Hello everyone! Blessings and peace to you in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!

On November 5th the enemy slammed into the wall at Bethel and the Lots shewed #472 – a perfect form. We repulsed the enemy.

Today, the result of the election is that though Romney got the popular vote Beastman Obama won the election.

We did all we could to keep the enemy out of the picture politically via the spiritual element; but as I finally concluded as JESUS told us years ago “LOOK AT THE PREFERENCE OF THE NATION” and clearly they preferred the ungodly creature from hell over Christ.

This election followed the same pattern as seen with the first beastman in 1992-1996 (Bill Clinton) who won handily over the Republican pick. Obama beat McCain because he was a gentleman tho Obama used every dirty trick – he thanked McCain for being such a “gentleman.”  Obama stated that Romney ran an honorable campaign meaning he (Obama) fought dirty and Romney was as I saw earlier, a “wet noodle” – a push over.

When the TV showed a map of the areas that backed Obama she noted/stated, “These are the areas that JESUS revealed would be hardest hit by judgments (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.)”

IF Romney had won we would have probably gotten an extension of mercy over judgment for four years; but with the beastman re-elected judgment will come fast and furious and with little or no mercy.

At this point Beastman Obama becomes an instrument of God’s judgment and in a short period of time all hell will break loose.

The storm Sandy which slammed into the east coast on Oct 31st caused massive destruction and people there are suffering want of water, food, shelter, fuel, and heat in cold nights. We are literally seeing a mini-version of the judgment JESUS TOLD ME would befall Americans.

That storm (Sandy) was much blended with God’s mercy but now we will see a massive influx of demon power that will execute judgment with little or no mercy – in fact it will be inclined to be merciless. Those who voted for Obama will suffer greatly over the next years who now has the power to finish the destruction of America.

I had no clear insight past what I’ve shared over the many months previously; but this morning I just “knew” that Obama would win. I would have liked to be wrong but as it turned out the discernment was correct.

When Clinton won re-election, inspite of his wrong doing., lying under oath, etc. – I realzied that even as Obama was being seen for what he was, it might go the way it did for Clinton – make no difference, he would still win. The pattern of the beastman of 1987 is true and follows on. There may be an attempt to impeach him (as was Clinton) but it will not succeed.

However, our prayers that he be seen for what he is was answered, but the rest of the prayer deals with a re-elected beastman – one who would be removed from office by legal process. The Benghazi incident is horrific and shows how little he cares for the lives of Americans.

Well, this is the update. God bless.  Chuck-JOHNEL.


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