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Greetings one and all in JESUS’ Love and Peace!
Would have gotten this out sooner but glitch with computer – telephone company doing work and our e-mail went out. Had to reboot modem, did so late Monday.
By this time most of you know the outcome of the first presidential debate – Romney chewed up Obama, Obama was like an empty suit, no fire he seemed confused and unable to focus.
We are looking at the effect of a “want of demon power” to both empower him and subdue his opponent – we are also looking at an answer to our prayers. It is a time to give Praise to GOD through JESUS CHRIST for this victory. Nancy-TONI and Watched the debate and could see the effect of undercutting his demon support. Thank You JESUS for answered prayers. Thank you JESUS for giving us direction in this yearlong prayer operation (the longest in memory).
On September 30th under JESUS direction, reinforced and with Archangel Gabriel in the lead, we beat back to enemy driving them deep into zone #360, we destroyed 90% of the demons that had begun the transition into the 3rd dimension.
The SET-BACK for the enemy is significant – I perceive that the numbers of demons available to Lucifer in this world is now less than when he started the attacks. He calculated for a break through and reinforcements – that did not come in the time frame he had in mind.
ON OCTOBER 1ST – JESUS appeared in our midst, there were about 14 of us gathered around the Lord, Gabriel stood behind JESUS, Nancy-TONI was on my right side and the others were prayer leaders, some NOP, some from other nations.
The enemy was re-gathering, still stunned by being driven backwards. JESUS stated that the enemy would attack in two days (by October 3rd) and that we were to slowly withdraw back and into BETHEL in four days (by October 7th).
JESUS specified that the enemy will be unable to get into the 3rd dimension for 30 days from October 7th (around November 6th).
The attack started early today and we would at intervals counter-attack, drive them backwards and then in the lull withdraw back towards Bethel.
ALL Intercessors and Angelic hosts will be in Bethel by October 7th – we will man/Angel the walls there and keep the enemy out.
The prayer operation initiated by Rev John Hagee (started Sept 29th) will cover the scene up and until Election Day – 40 days of prayer. It seems our commission was to hold the enemy at Bay until this prayer op started (Sept 29th).
The beastman clearly lacks demon power/support as evidenced by his performance in the debate of October 3rd.
The enemy may concentrate demon power to his support before the second debate to give him a better showing; but on-going prayer along with the work of prayer we have undertaken for the past year should diminish him regardless.
Right now it is a PRAISE THE LORD for answered prayer – the nation sees the beastman for what he is – the decision is in the hands of the people.
Back in the 1980’s JESUS told us NOT to look at the man but at the preference of the nation. This is a governing factor. Even so, prayer can tip the scales in our favor. Let us press on in prayer to that end.
God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
October 7-10, 2012 BROKEN CROSS WRAP UP
Hello one and all in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!
We have a huge supply of golden arrows (source: intercession) and so we follow this tactic day by day, stopping their advance, then hurling waves of fire on their front most ranks and then we pull back to a new position rearwards.
The unified assembly of Christian brethren from around the world is formidable, the enemy can only advance when we allow them to and in this we follow JESUS Plan and Instructions.
By October7th we are nearly to the walls of Bethel and zone 558.
We fire volleys of golden arrows and a sizable wall of fire engulfs huge numbers of demons. In the smoke and fog of the battle the enemy falls back.
October 7th we fire a massive number of golden arrows and as the fires rage we fall back and enter Bethel through two open gates (they are massive).
The wall is at least fourteen feet high and we man the foot stands at the top of the walls.
The fall-back is orderly and well executed. I go to the Temple and give Praise and Thanks to GOD THE FATHER for this victory – we have held off this enemy the better part of one year.
The enemy time table is shredded.
Surprisingly the demons do NOT begin to enter the passage way to the 3rd dimension on October 7th – they begin late on October 10th. Why?
I perceive that they were guarded expecting us to come out at them when they begin moving demons into the 3rd dimension, when they are most vulnerable.
This tells me that the enemy forces would reach into the 3rd dimension on November 9th – AFTER the Presidential election.
I asked JESUS if I could take some or many of the intercessors joined to us by the Spirit of God and move into the 3rd dimension to attack, weaken and distract Lucifer’s demons already in this world.
JESUS said, “NO.”Right now He wants us to rest and safe guard Bethel from any possible enemy intrusion.
End of report. Chuck-JOHNEL.
Broken cross Bethel up date Oct 17, 2012
Greetings one and all in JESUS’ wonderful Name!
We are nicely tucked into Bethel. I noted that a number of Holy Spirit assigned intercessors have gone elsewhere.
JESUS has told me hat a total of 200,00 are assigned to cover the two zones in the North and 200,000 to the South zones (558 and 472 respectively) while 100,000 each are assigned to the East and West walls with an added 150,000 intercessors are held in reserve, as needed, if needed.
In the first presidential debate we saw the Beastman acting out of synch. I attribute his state to the lack of sufficient demon cover – a result of a sharp decline in demon power thanks to the fact that we have blocked that massive force of demons from entering into the 3rd dimension.
This put Romney in the lead and set the Beastman back the next two debates (Vice President and President).
They lied aplenty but still did not do well. More and more the true nature of the Beastman is apparent. Ti in answer to our prayer which reads: “…in JESUS wonderful Name, that You expose the plotting and evil doing of this Beastman…expose him to the people that he is seen and known for what he truly is…” No question that this is a prayer the Lord God has answered.
With the added prayers of thousands of others (praying and fasting 40 days til voting day – November 6, 2012) all bases are pretty much covered.
The influx of massive numbers of demons is delayed til after the election, we have prayed about it for the better part of one year+, many others have joined the work of prayer on Sept. 28th and we have stopped, delayed and caused loss to a massive demon army delaying their arrival until after the election.
IT IS NOW UP TO THE PEOPLE. No demon influence will drive the multitude of Americans- it is up to them. That does NOT guarantee that the Beastman will be defeat, rather God’s people have freedom of choice.
We could still see him win re-election if that is the preference of the majority of the people. Years ago, in speaking of the Beastman JESUS said: “Do not look at the man, look at the preference of the people.”
Yesterday, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook Maine. I perceive this is an action set off by demon power, they are likely starting a movement in the earth, and they are starting to get things moving building for something bigger down the road of time.
Maine – End of update. God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL
Beastman re-elected Nov 6, 2012
Hello everyone! Blessings and peace to you in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!
On November 5th the enemy slammed into the wall at Bethel and the Lots shewed #472 – a perfect form. We repulsed the enemy.
Today, the result of the election is that though Romney got the popular vote Beastman Obama won the election.
We did all we could to keep the enemy out of the picture politically via the spiritual element; but as I finally concluded as JESUS told us years ago “LOOK AT THE PREFERENCE OF THE NATION” and clearly they preferred the ungodly creature from hell over Christ.
This election followed the same pattern as seen with the first beastman in 1992-1996 (Bill Clinton) who won handily over the Republican pick. Obama beat McCain because he was a gentleman tho Obama used every dirty trick – he thanked McCain for being such a “gentleman.”
Obama stated that Romney ran an honorable campaign meaning he (Obama) fought dirty and Romney was as I saw earlier, a “wet noodle” – a push over.
When the TV showed a map of the areas that backed Obama she noted/stated, “These are the areas that JESUS revealed would be hardest hit by judgments (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.)”
IF Romney had won we would have probably gotten an extension of mercy over judgment for four years; but with the beastman re-elected judgment will come fast and furious and with little or no mercy.
At this point Beastman Obama becomes an instrument of God’s judgment and in a short period of time all hell will break loose.
The storm Sandy which slammed into the east coast on Oct 31st caused massive destruction and people there are suffering want of water, food, shelter, fuel, and heat in cold nights.
We are literally seeing a mini-version of the judgment JESUS TOLD ME would befall Americans.
That storm (Sandy) was much blended with God’s mercy but now we will see a massive influx of demon power that will execute judgment with little or no mercy – in fact it will be inclined to be merciless.
Those who voted for Obama will suffer greatly over the next years who now has the power to finish the destruction of America.
I had no clear insight past what I’ve shared over the many months previously; but this morning I just “knew” that Obama would win. I would have liked to be wrong but as it turned out the discernment was correct.
When Clinton won re-election, in spite of his wrong doing., lying under oath, etc. – I realized that even as Obama was being seen for what he was, it might go the way it did for Clinton – make no difference, he would still win.
The pattern of the beastman of 1987 is true and follows on. There may be an attempt to impeach him (as was Clinton) but it will not succeed.
However, our prayers that he be seen for what he is was answered, but the rest of the prayer deals with a re-elected beastman – one who would be removed from office by legal process.
The Benghazi incident is horrific and shows how little he cares for the lives of Americans.
Well, this is the update. God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
Hello one and all. Greetings in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!
About a week ago brother/Prophet Dr. Daniel E Bohler asked for prayer and discernment about a date he kept receiving by the Spirit, which was 12-12-12.
Past knowing it was serious, even dangerous I could not receive more from the Lord past “Wait and see”. I thought we might see a major quake in California in that time frame, but it did not happen (good news).
The day before (December 11th) a man walked into a crowded Mall in Portland, Oregon and shot to death two people, critically wounded a 15 year old girl and then took his own life.
Somehow I perceived this was connected to the 12-12-12 date — in timing studies we often find that events happening within 24 hours of a focus date are usually connected or are part of the picture.
We did allow that 12-12-12 might be an event taking place ‘In The Spirit.’
On December 12, 2012 Lyn-ELIZABETH, one of this Ministry’s Prophets got insight and wrote me an e-mail stating, (Quote) “I discerned earlier that the 12-12-12 was essentially something DEEPLY SPIRITUAL in nature, rather than world events…today is a line of demarcation somehow and the world has taken that very nasty turn AWAY FROM GOD and TOWARDS THE ENEMY…so we may well see come earth events in the days surrounding 12-12-12. For instance, there was the Oregon mall shooter…” (Unquote)
Lyn-ELIZABETH saw that day as a NEW BEGINNING confirmed by Richard-DANIEL. This could be a positive thing or also something not so good or positive.
As you all know we have been engaged in spiritual warfare ‘In The Spirit’ since late in 2011 through to November 6/7, 2012 when a flood of murderous demons we have been holding back broke past us and entered into this world.
The enemies (demons) take time to get organized when they enter into this world in great numbers as just happened Nov 6/7. My expectation was simple – real trouble can surface anytime, anywhere and loss of life will be a feature of what happens.
We have done all we could do in prayer warfare ‘In The Spirit’ for a whole year+. What happens next is what the church system of man does, will they pray and take up the slack and block the enemy or not? Past experience told me they would not pray with any conviction.
Friday, December 14, 2012, a 20 year old man entered “SANDY Hook School” in Connecticut and shot the principal and four other teachers to death in the main office and then proceeded to systematically shot to death kindergarten children, one by one till 20 were dead – lastly he took his own life.
Death toll (he apparently shot his other to death first) 28 dead, 20 children and 8 adults not counting the shooter. Everyone is stunned to tears, unbelief that anyone could be so “evil” and act so terribly without mercy or compassion murdering little children, babies really.
This is what JESUS showed me years ago that the enemy is going to target children for death.
I’m near completing the December Newsletter. Two days before the Sandy Hook killings I wrote about how the enemy of our souls is working and will work through God’s Law as executors of judgment and that they are without mercy whatsoever. Then days later Sandy Hook happened.
I noticed the same name – SANDY — Hurricane SANDY killed many and destroyed the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey. I discerned this was a judgment executed by demons working through God’s Law.
The same demon prince who directed Hurricane SANDY directed the killer at SANDY Hook School in Ct. To select a target with a like name (SANDY) is typical behavior of demon princes who do this to boast that they are the source of the destruction’s and death — we have seen this before many times in the past.
Hurricane SANDY, SANDY Hook School = same demon prince executing these destruction’s and murders.
I asked JESUS if the enemy was out of bounds and JESUS told me that they were operating within God’s Law governing judgment. Our duty now is to keep an eye out for anything that is behavior by the enemy that is out of bounds, outside of God’s Law.
Nancy-TONI and I have the authority to stop the enemy judgments if they get out of bounds. Right now, they are aware that we are watching them and are staying within bounds; but I know this bunch of foul creatures, they cannot help but break God’s Law – when they do and we confirm it, we can take some positive action.
The enemy has no power over those who belong to JESUS, who look to Him and cling to Him and trust Him to keep them — unfortunately too many brethren do not have that kind of focus and that makes them very vulnerable.
How does the enemy do this? They select people who are using drugs, those with mental problems and others with an active evil imagination – and others open to their influence.
They operate through their imaginations, placing them into a trace like state (they think it is a dream) and direct them to act according to their evil will.
Most killers when the demons pull away allowing them to come to their sense and they see what they have done, in horror most kill themselves – which is the final suggestion impressed on them by the demons.
Years ago I watched a special report on teenagers who shot up a school, killing many — they all stated that they remember taking the guns (from their grandfather’s safe) but after that don’t remember a thing – it was all a blank.
This is the effect of demon power working on their minds through imagery. End of up-date.
God bless. JESUS Apostle/Prophet Chuck-JOHNEL of The Staff and Sword Ministry.
Added insight into event of Dec 14th Sandy Hook, CT.
Greetings one and all in JESUS’ wonderful Name!
What to do about shooters entering schools? The answer is obvious. Gun Laws don’t work, most shooters end up breaking about every gun law on the books, it does not stop them.
In Israel, after several terrorist attacks on their schools they took action – they required every teacher and all on the school staff to be armed, to be trained in how to use the guns. The attacks stopped.
One day several Israeli schools were asked to participate in a peace rally in a neutral zone but insisted that the teachers leave their guns in Israel.
They did and were attacked, as I recall about 25 children were killed and many of the teachers. So much for being disarmed.
At Sandy Hook teachers attempted to stop the killer and were shot down and to death, one teacher confronted the killer and talked to him asking him to spare the children, the new 27 year old teacher was shot and killed on the spot.
Beastman Obama obviously plans to enact strict guns laws, maybe even seizure of citizen’s guns — but that will have no effect. The criminals are always well armed.
Every year armed citizens prevented an estimated 2.5 to 3 million crimes.
The answer is obvious, arm the teachers, teach them how to use the guns and require that they have then on hand all the time. Shooters will seek out more fruitful targets like hospitals, malls and other places that are gun free or as I like to call them: Killing zones.
Connecticut is a blue state so most if not all of those people at Sandy Hook and the nearby town likely voted for Obama – meaning they are subject to demonic attack and outright murder as seen in the GAP in 1987.
Right now the consensus of discernment is that the enemy is working within lawful boundaries – so we are left to pray and watch.
Lyn-ELIZABETH and Mark-JAMES had two incidents with automobiles that could have been dangerous if not fatal – but each time the Lord blocked the enemy and it was the enemy trying to see if they could gain a foothold against us – and did not.
For Lyn-ELIZABETH she was driving along, it was raining (not heavy) when suddenly the left side of the car lifted upwards as if to roll over (no apparent cause) – she called on JESUS and the car righted itself.
Nancy-TONI pointed out something of interest – some years ago we attended a funeral service at a church called “The Vineyard” – at that time I saw that a demon was attempting to control all the children and to kill them. We called for prayer and the enemy was stopped.
The funeral at “The Vineyard Church” was for a boy killed in a car accident that I discerned was no accident but a demonic attack. I have not been back at the Vineyard since – years ago.
Dec 13th we attended “The Vineyard” for a Christmas presentation where our nephew, Grant, was playing his guitar and singing. Next day all these children are murdered. No coincidence.
Years back I called the local church to pray pointing out the dangers – zero response. However, one pastor, on vacation and on returning and learning of the fall to pray got one church to pray – that probably turned the tide in favor of mercy.
Have sent the Dec 14th report to Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto and Lou Dobbs — no expectation of a response.
God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
Hello one and all. Blessings, peace and joy to one and all in JESUS’ wonderful Name!
This e-mail is being written specifically for: Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and others.
I’m JESUS CHRIST’s sent Apostle/Prophet and have walked in this capacity since 1971.
By this e-mail I hope to explain just “how” demons operate in this world and what can be done to stop them – something which only the Church and Christians moving in Christ and ‘In The Spirit’ can do.
Bill O’Reilly recently stated that what happened at the Sandy Hook school was “evil” and that there is nothing we can do about it.
He is correct, it was and is “evil”; however that we cannot do anything about it is wrong, in this he is mistaken.
JESUS has addressed the problem in the church years ago and has said this:
In a Prophetic Mission of June 3-July 7, 1984 I wrote this in our Newsletter, (Quote) “Moving ‘In The Spirit’ in prayer I saw demons chanting in St. Louis, saying “Kill, Hate, Fear and War”.
What I discerned was that they were applying their power in the human emotional areas, in effect empowering the “Imaginations” of men to do what they “Imagined.” (Unquote)
About ten days earlier, I was taken ‘In The Spirit’ by the HOLY SPIRIT and saw a demon principality that stood about 18 foot tall, it stood under what looked like a golden arch and before it was what looked like a cattle pen.
Lesser (smaller) demons were bringing men, women and children and tossing them into this cattle pen.
This demon principality reached into the cattle pen with a giant clawed hand and crushed the people, I heard screams of agony and death cries, their blood spilled out and this demon principality held a cup to catch the blood, it drank the blood and got drunk.
I had a Holy hatred for this creature. It among others had gotten into the U.S. because of a want of prayer which they exploited.
What was I seeing? I understood then that this evil creature was laying down a pattern ‘In The Spirit’ and as I’d learned years earlier, things happen FIRST ‘In The Spirit’ and then they happen “In This World.”
The prayerlessness and rebellion in the church had allowed this monster to get inside the nation – now a terrible price was going to being extracted.
JULY 18, 1984 – A man walked into a MacDonald in San Diego are and began shooting people who were trapped and could not escape, He killed 21 men, women and children, wounded 19 others and then took his own life.
I’d learn later that this man often imagined himself a great warrior fighting battles against enemies. I understood then that this demon principality worked through his imagination, intensified it and put him in a dream state to act out his fantasies.
When done, the demon withdrew and he saw what he had done and in horror with the encouragement of the demon, took his own life.
Twenty years later a TV Reporter talked to the survivors of the MacDonald massacre of 1984 and learned that they were still haunted by the experience, it was as if something very unclean touched them and they felt it.
Indeed, they’d come into close contact with a fallen angel, a demon principality.
So this is how this evil creatures operate, they intensify the evil imaginations of a person and often times they go into a state where they are unable to comprehend what they are doing, it is as if their free will is obliterated.
November 6/7, 2012 a massive invasion of demons entered the North America’s – from past observation these demons can cause more such incidents where shooters kill at will, we may see terrorist attacks o our schools, major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wild storms, flood, high winds, droughts, disease, and every kind of trouble you can imagine.
That is what I’m led to share.
God Bless. Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt, The Staff and Sword Ministry.
Blessings and peace to one and all in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!
This is the rest of the e-mail sent on December 19th. Again, it is for Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Neil Cavuto and others of the Fox News system.
My expectation is that a response is as likely as any of the thousands of pastors contacted over the years (less than 1% have responded).
In any event, to quickly review: I’d seen ‘In The Spirit’ on/about July 8, 1984 a demon principality who stood about 18 feet overseeing lesser demons that brought in men, women and children tossing same into what looked like a cattle pen.
This demon prince stood under what looked like a golden arch in the St. Louis area.
At a point the huge demon prince grabbed a handful of people out of that cattle pen in its clawed hand crushing them and draining their blood into a goblet from which it drank and became drunk.
I had what is best known as a “Holy Hatred” for this creature, the demon principality.
JESUS had told me on June 24, 1984 that our warfare would disrupt the enemy until July 17, 1984.
On July 18, 1984 a man entered a MacDonald (golden arch) and shot to death 21 men, women and children wounding another 19 before taking his own life.
What I’d witnessed ‘In The Spirit’ July 8, 1984 was that demon prince laying down a “pattern” which would move someone somewhere to do the same, murder people.
The source of these killings was purely demonic. It became real in this world on July 18, 1984.
We of the Net of Prayer were alerted and prayed asking FATHER GOD for His Commission to destroy these demons out of North America.
The Lord JESUS gave us such a Commission and so the 220 Christian intercessors of the Net of Prayer put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6: 10-18) and moved with JESUS warring Angels (thousands) as His Army and attacked the demons spread out all over the North America’s.
I moved with some Angels “in The Spirit’ to the rear of the demon prince that set in motion the murders of those at the Mac Donald’s.
Sure enough, it beat hasty retreat when it saw the Intercessors and Angels coming, and we were waiting for it and we cut it down destroying it out of this world.
Before we received JESUS Commission there was another shooting in Texas and then another in Tennessee. Once the pattern was laid down demons were on a killing spree working out of that demonic pattern. When that demon prince was destroyed the killings stopped.
Because the Net of Prayer prayed and waged warfare ‘In The Spirit’ almost constantly since 1980 we had gotten a position of authority in our prayers – we saw quick answers to prayer In fact we had obtained a special status in God’s eyes because we believed Him, we prayed when He asked, we followed after JESUS with our all.
While this is only one small example it is worth mentioning. In 2002 we had someone shooting and killing people in the Washington, DC area.
I recognized that the technique used (an auto as a firing platform) and only one shot per attack was straight out of the al Qaeda terrorist book (I’d seen and read part of one).
This told me that the shooter(s) were either Middle Eastern or African American.
In fact the first eye witness(as I recall) to the first shooting was a pizza delivery boy who saw two black men driving a blue car leaving the scene of the first shooting.
Somehow that was ignored and it was more politically correct to state that the killer(s) were white and drove a white van.
I watched with increasing distress as the death toll climbed and frankly the local police acted more like keystone cops. It was obvious that the killer(s) were smarter than the law enforcement trying to catch them.
By October 2, 2002 the “Beltway sniper” (as they were called) had killed 13 wounding others 9 a total of 20 shootings. Massive road blocks proved useless as they were looking for a white man in a white van not two black men in a blue car.
I called the Net of Prayer (now numbering 700+ intercessors) to pray asking FATHER GOD in JESUS’ Name to have the HOLY SPIRIT cause the killer(s) to make a mistake and make the police faster and smarter to catch them.
SEVEN DAYS after we began such prayer the two killers (black men) made a major mistake and were apprehended and put in jail.
I remember that at the time the News Media stated that two white supremacists were the killers and had been caught while they showed photos of two black men.
Over the years we have seen many such powerful answers to prayer; but the Net of Prayer is small and the need far greater.
Well this is Part 2 of the REVIEW OF REVELATION.
God bless. JESUS’ Apostle/Prophet Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt, The Staff and Sword Ministry.
Greetings one and all. Pray you all had a blessed Christmas, celebrating the first coming of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
On December 24, 2012 the Washington Lots drew #329. This can produce an earthquake in CALIFORNIA ranging from 7.0 Magnitude to 8.5 MAGNITUDE.
TIME PERIOD: This points to January 6/7, 2013 to January 13, 2013. When such an earthquake Could happen. I underline “Could” because we have seen many quake numbers in the Lots but no quakes for the past several years.
Basically, these numbers reveal “demonic intent” and not necessarily that demons have the power to actually cause them.
On November 30th the Washington Lots drew #932 – another quake for California number – again in the range of 7.0 to 8.5 Magnitude. The time period when this could happen is now past; but I had no witness to it being anything more than “demonic intent” (they’d like to flatten California).
Recently, while praying about the over-all situation JESUS told me this:” ‘THE ENEMY IS MOVING IN 14 DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS AT THE SAME TIME” – that tells me they have 14 different plans of attack to kill and destroy in America.
The tornadoes that swept the South on Christmas day, one church was shattered and much damage – and people in the South say it is very unusual to have tornadoes at winter time, it is something not expected.
As noted in the last Newsletter, tornadoes will be one of the things this mass of demons will cause. Demonic presence working in the elements is visible.
Will there be an earthquake of some magnitude in California this January? I do not know; but I see that we have had two Lots numbers pointing to a quake in California – the enemy is clearly working in this direction.
I perceive that the enemy may be waiting/preparing for one coordinated attack in 14 different areas, in 14 different ways – a sort of demonic “shock and awe.” A major California quake “may be” part of this enemy plan.
Thus watching events on January 1/2, 2013 — it would be something “EVIDENT” For years we have expected to see a 4.0+ Magnitude quake in LOS ANGELES to come prior to the 7.6 Magnitude.
Keep in mind that the 7.6 Magnitude earthquake in southern California would be a ‘WARNING’ that the 9.4 Magnitude earthquake was not far behind.
Californians be praying for God’s help for you and your loved ones, for your property and wellbeing that He bring you through it.
After the 7.6 Magnitude quake – do not stick around for the 9.4 Magnitude – it will flatten Los Angeles and a broad area nearby.
God bless. JESUS Apostle/Prophet Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt.
Praise the Lord JESUS CHRIST. Blessings one and all!
I had the first half of this report typed out and poof it vanished – just gotta love these computers.
In any event have TWO ITEMS to share:
Item #One
Some days ago this month Lyn-ELIZABETH was driving down the road (it was raining lightly) when suddenly her car turned half over, she was wheeling on the two left wheels, the other two were in the air. She called on JESUS and the car immediately righted itself.
Later that day, she and Mark-JAMES were driving and had a near serious accident – another miracle that got out without a scratch.
This got me wondering and praying – was the enemy out of bounds? The situation was too strange to be anywhere near normal.
I remembered that ‘In The Spirit’ in the past months we have seen several attacks on the Walls of Bethel ‘In The Spirit’ – each has been repulsed, the enemy gained no ground and I discerned they were testing or probing our defenses to see if we had weak points or if they could break in.
Keep in mind that Bethel walls represent the defense for God’s people, if the enemy breaches it they can do to us what they did to others as seen at Sandy Hook, CT with 26 children and adults murdered.
The attacks endured by Lyn-ELIZABETH and Mark-JAMES “could be” a manifestation of those attacks seen ‘In The Spirit’.
Just days earlier this month, after a heavy and very wet snow fall, Nancy-TONI walked with the dog (Topaz) down the road to the mail box.
Before this, aware that one tree that leans over the road might come down (though a tree expert told us it was just reaching for sunlight and was not in danger of falling) she discerned otherwise and prayed that it do no serious damage to the chicken coop (which is located inside a barn in the trees direct line of fall).
While returning with the mail and walking directly under that tree (it is huge) Nancy-TONI heard a cracking, and the dog did too and both began to run to get out of the way. Whoom!!! It fell over crushing the fence and driving a branch through the roof of the chicken coop/barn.
The tree blocked our drive way and Sam and David-DANIEL (our brother in law) cut it in pieces using chain saws, clearing the road.
The odds of that tree coming down as Nancy-TONI walked under it are astronomical, the incident involving Lyn-ELIZABETH and Mark-JAMES are equally so.
The attack was against the leaders in order to have a way at getting to all those we cover (which is very many of God’s people – i.e. The Elect, the Sealed, The Faithful-Obedient, the Innocent and the Tithe of the Church system of man).
Axeleron was taken captive 14, 1991, (branded with the numbers #388-#504) we learned in questioning it that this creature is a destroyer of man, a dissembler,, has power over cities, power outages, can come out of the North with storms, snow, and is a starter of storms and assassinations.
I perceive this was the power and leader behind Hurricane SANDY and the killings at Sandy Hook school as well as more recent storm systems.
Item #2
#932 was drawn in the Lots here on Nov. 30, 2012 (could lead to an earthquake ranging from 7.o to 8.5ZMagnitude #329 was drawn in the Lots here on Dec. 24, 2012 (same as above) #320 was drawn in the Lots here on December 28, 2012 (no quake value).
I covered this is the last e-mail. However the number 23 is code for California – we are seeing here a lot of demonic focus on California telling me it is definitely on their hit list.
When, where? Maybe in the time frame given in the last e-mail or may not. One thing for sure, demonic power has a heavy focus on California.
End of report. God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
CORRECTION on e-mail on ‘GO QUICKLY”: prayer Op
Hello again! The Lord bless and keep you.
Made a mistake in the early morning hours on the Prayer Operation.
I wrote: (Quote) “On Friday January 13, 2013 we will appear all around this demon prince and his army of 6 million+ (there is also a lesser demon prince with it). (Unquote).
It should read: “On Friday January 4, 2013 we will appear all around this demon prince and his army of 6 million+ (there is also a lesser demon prince with it.)
The actual action is not expected to last more than 2 hours on January 4th.
So we attack in JESUS’ Name on January 4, 2013 at noon and should be done by 2pm January 4, 2013.
End of correction. God Bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
“GO QUICKLY” Final Report
Greetings one and all in JESUS’ sweet and precious Name!
Well it was done by about 1:45PM Pacific Time here in Washington State. We had cut through all of Axelerons demons and surrounded him.
He was poised in a battle position, behind shield and with sword drawn – ready to fight. Someone else destroyed the lesser demon prince, so it was just it and us.
I drew out the Sword of The Lord which is The Staff and a form it takes ‘In The Spirit’ – a very large sword, long blade and heavy.
In one blow shattered its shield and bowled it over, slashed it several times and thrust it through with the sword – it collapsed and dropped like a bag of rocks. It was over.
As I thrust it through the chest up the the hilt of the Sword of The Lord I was about eye to eye with Axeleron, it was clearly fearful of us bordering on being terrified.
Again, it was about 1:45M Pacific time.  Angels cleaned up the fallen demons – most had dissolved into ash some not, these were taken and burned to ash as was Axeleron.
In this battle I came to KNOW by the Spirit of God that this e-mail prayer operation (unusual) was possible once the enemy tried to drop that huge tree on Nancy-TONI, that was the final straw that gave us both grounds and opportunity – more FATHER GOD Commissioned us to destroy these and empowered us heavily.
IMMINENCE: I came to KNOW that this demon prince was about to initiate a massive kill off of people in the North America’s and that we destroyed them before they could initiate that wave of murder and destruction stopping same.
This is why the urgency and the e-mail prayer operation – our window of opportunity to stop this destroyer was very narrow and closing fast.
WHAT DID THEY PLAN? I do not know, but I know it would have been murderous and on a scale not seen before.
There are other demon operations out there underway and we have seen a lot of demon activity in the Lots (demon prince numbers).
Other demon princes around the area sent out scouts to take a look at our deployment to see if they might have opportunity to attack us from the rear, when they saw the Amber Fire Angels they thought better of it and stayed away.
I did see a number of huge demon formations somewhat like Axelerons in the area telling me they are poised to start troubles.
It is now about 3:45 PM Pacific time and the battle field is cleared, the Angels are escorting us back to Bethel, to make sure no attempts are made on us as we return to home base.
End of Report. God Bless you one and all. Chuck-JOHNEL.
Howdy! JESUS’ keep you in and all in His Grace, Peace and Joy! This is a very limited note on recent revelation.
The Lord JESUS told me about half an hour ago (it is now 5:20 PM Pacific time) that Axeleron was the lead demon prince and was to initiate a whole series of judgments – it being the lead demon prince. Timing was based on its action.
Taking it out when we did stopped the whole judgment plan, broke it, in fact.
The Demon Prince Belsarsus (#758-#232) is given the lead and it will take about a week for it to get things organized under its direction.
That works out of about January 11, 2013. At/about this time it will be where Axeleron was January 4th.
Belsarsus organized, empowered and directed Hurricane HUGO in September, 1989 the worst hurricane in history up to that time.
We were led to take it captive BEFORE it triggered an earthquake in California – in the time we had it locked up we forewarned Christians in California to brace of what we expected to be a 7.2 Richter quake likely to happen within 48 hours from the time we had to release it.
We were required by the Lord JESUS to release it October 16, 1989 – October 17, 1989 San Francisco was hit by the 7.2 Richter earthquake.
Christians who received the warning, prepared spiritually (prayer) and physically – and those in the San Francisco area although they felt it suffered no loss whatsoever while others all around them did suffer loss.
This demon prince specializes in earthquakes and storms. That is all I wanted to share at this time.
God Bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
7.5 Magnitude Quake on January 6, 2013 – ALASKA
Greetings to all in JESUS’ Wonderful Name!
This is primarily for those on our earthquake notice list as we have some developments worth looking at, praying about and reason to be praying, preparing for more coming.
When we destroyed the Demon Prince Axeleron and its demon army (about 6 million+) on January 4th we did more than ridding ourselves of one destroyer in our nation.
JESUS revealed that Axeleron was to “INITIATE” a major demonic attack involving a host of other demons and demon princes.
Destroying it on January 4th shattered their plans, they went off the tracks on a big scale.
JESUS told me that the demon prince Belsarsus was inserted to replace Axeleron – this is the creature that spawned, directed Hurricane HUGO that shattered Charleston SC in Sept 1989.
JESUS had us take him prisoner BEFORE it could trigger a major earthquake in California, a 7.1 Richter, which would be set off when we released it (we had to) — in the time we had we forewarned Christians on our mailing list in California to brace for a major earthquake (7.+ Richter) on our about October 17-18, 1989.
Belsarsus triggered the 7.1 Richter quake to hit San Francisco on October 17, 1989.
Those who prayed and prepared saw God’s intervention whereby they suffered no loss in life, limb or property while all those around them did suffer loss.
On December 30, 2012 via e-mail to all of you, I noted that a #932 could produce an earthquake to hit California, ranging from 7.0 to 8.5 Magnitude, on about JANUARY6/7, 2013 to JANUARY 13, 2013.
The 7.5 Magnitude earthquake struck Alaska on January 6, 2013.
Lyn-ELIZABETH discerned (so do I) that when Axeleron was destroyed the plan to initiate judgments was up-ended – the major quake hit a remote area off the Alaska coast not California.
How might you understand this?
Take a rifleman aiming at a target but as he pulls the trigger he is bumped hard and the shot goes in the wrong direction.
In about a weeks’ time the Demon Prince Belsarsus will get things back on track under its direction and judgments will start anew.
We are still running on the time table (Lots #932) leading from now to January 13, 2012 when a California earthquake can still happen.
We may also see a series of quakes moving from Alaska South to Washington State, Oregon and then California.
Such a pattern has been observed a number of times and it is an option for the enemy working through the law. Will they? I do not know, I do know it is a possibility.
Or Demon Prince Belsarsus may simply re-aim for a quake in California – STORMS preceding QUAKES is a pattern it has worked through a number of times.
Right now we see what is happened and understand it well enough to know that the enemy means to hit the West Coast hard.
It is a time to be praying, drawing close to JESUS day by day, praying to cover your loved ones and friends and asking Gods help against whatever is coming.
God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.
California Potential Earthquake
Hello one and all in JESUS’ sweet and wonderful Name!
On a side note: On Jan 25th the lottery drew #585 (a mixed version of 558) which is the front wall of Bethel.
I looked from the wall and saw a scouting party that was pretty well mauled by the prayer mine blast, but behind them a demon army of about 500,000 ready to follow.
They were checking to see if we were watching and praying – we had an abundance of golden arrows and fired walls of fire on them all – destroying the scouts and the 500,000 demons.
I do not believe they will try that again anytime soon.
The Lord JESUS revealed that the demon prince Belsarsus (758-232) will assume command of the demon armies in North America, replacing d.p. Axeleron whom we destroyed out of this world some weeks ago This is the creature that formed and directed Hurricane HUGO into Charleston, SC in 1989.
On JESUS direction we took Belsarsus captive on Sept 22, 1989 ware that he would next trigger an earthquake in California, which we believed would be a 7.1 Richter intensity.
In the time we had (by holding this demon prince captive) we forewarned Californians on our mailing list to prepare and brace for a major quake.
We knew that from the time we released Belsarsus, he would trigger the major earthquake. We released it on October 16, 1989 – next day, Oct 17th, San Francisco was struck by a 7.1 Richter earthquake.
Aware that Belsarsus would most likely follow the pattern we observed in 1989, thus we began looking for a significant STORM to hit the East Coast as a prelude to an major earthquake in California.
Storm “NEMO” hit the East Cost with hurricane force winds (40-65+ mph) February 8th and will dump a lot of snow and freezing weather which will likely knockout a lot of power on the East Coast.
This a a MAJOR STORM, something I’d expect from Belsarsus.
I perceive that it is Belsarsus that formed and directed this storm system which suggests to me that he will follow that with a major earthquake on the West Coast, likely California.
If I take the timing of 1989, it was 25 days from the Hurricane HUGO to the California earthquake Oct 17th.1989.
If Belsarsus follows this timing system he worked in 1989, then the California earthquake would follow on/about March5, 2013 (plus or minus a day).
MARCH 4, 5, 6, 2013 THE TIMING OF 2012-2013: Hurricane SANDY hit the East Coast on October 29th and 66 days later the 7.5 Mag Quake struck off shore of Alaska.
That quake was intended for California, but knocking out Axeleron knocked the demons ability to direct forces and so it hit to the north and was weaker than 8.5 Magnitude, which was expected.
All told the time came to 66 days, if they follow this time frame then the major earthquake could hit California on or about April 15, 2013.
APRIL 14, 15, 16, 2013 If you are living in California then be praying, bracing yourselves and preparing physically (emergency supplies).
God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL.

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