No Where to Hide_Iridium Sattelites II, Michial Bunker

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This post is focused on surveillance and just how ubiquitous it has become. Most people really don’t know how far along the 666 Surveillance System is, but if you read this post and watch the videos, by the time you’re done you’ll have a whole new awareness that already there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  We’re being watched and tracked virtually everywhere; even our most private conversations inside our homes are being recorded and monitored.

Sound fantastic? It’s not. For instance, Google Chrome has a feature which turns on your computer’s microphone and records everything going on around you, even when you think you’ve turned it off. And your children are unwitting spies as well as victims if they play with Barbie, since she has a wireless connection with a hidden mike so that whatever the child says is transmitted, recorded and analyzed.

But what will make the biggest impression and really give you a sense of how far this has gone already, are the two videos. The first deals with a new 360 degree surveillance system that can cover an entire city from the air. You’ll be astounded how easily anyone can be tracked, since it doesn’t just operate in real time but can be rewound to see where someone came from and every move they’ve made. Yet the second video, a trailer for a film called “Erasing David” will take you into what will seem to many like the twilight zone, and it’s from 2010 – five years ago! There’s a link where you can watch the entire 2 hour film, and when you’re done, you’ll be convinced that the perfect man/mousetrap is in place and has been set.


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