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“WELL DONE” Prayer Operation June 7th, 2001

“The Sword of The Lord Special Report”

By: Chuck Youngbrandt


ONE expected effect of our warfare is “Chaos”

Lucifer’s forces have been in tight step with each other marching towards a new world order that he would ultimately dominate and be recognized as a “god ” Lucifer no longer has the ability to command, co-ordinate, control and communicate to his forces as he did prior to May 8th. This means that things will start to go awry and his plans will come unstrung and fall apart. {fully expect that some of his forces will end up fighting each other (something they are inclined to do by their very nature unless the Devil controls them). As time passes these conflicts will grow worse and will surface in this world in many ways. One way it “may” surface (something I perceive will happen) is that our government and society will begin to slip into chaos, be unable to function – and this will be most true where those portions of government and society have been under the control of Lucifer. However, at the same time Christian bodies will become stronger and able to cope with these troubles winning many of the unsaved in the process to Christ.

As the power of the Devil and his organs diminish the strength of the Church will increase and take the place of what was once “Devil territory.”

To be quite blunt, apart from a direct revelation from God it is not possible to anticipate exactly what will happen, except I know it will be to our advantage and to the disadvantage of those who follow Lucifer/Satan. Again, this is why we will work to recognize and identify the effect of this warfare.

The SWORD OF THE LORD Prayer Operation

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